What we do

Since our founding in 2003, GraphStream has been supplying an international client base with advanced scalable infrastructure that delivers data processing, storage, and networking capacity to application workloads. Our offerings are based on enterprise-grade Commercial Off-The-Shelf (COTS) building blocks for core data infrastructure, including resource-management software; server, storage, and networking hardware; and associated services.

GraphStream's system engineers can work together with you to evaluate system-architecture and technology options, and then define an integrated infrastructure package that combines software and/or hardware building blocks to support your workloads. GraphStream can assemble, configure, test, deliver, and install the complete integrated package, and provide a single point of accountability and ongoing first-line support.

Why GraphStream?

At an accelerating pace, suppliers of software and hardware building blocks for data infrastructure are introducing new products that are interface-compatible with existing platforms and workloads, but also incorporate fundamental architectural advances. This is driving radical improvements in multiple aspects of infrastructure effectiveness and efficiency, including scalability; upgradability; functional capacity per unit of total lifecycle cost (including administrative effort); operational flexibility/agility; and reliability/availability.

Many of these advances are coming from relatively new suppliers. To a much greater extent than many of our peers, GraphStream works together with both newer and more-established suppliers of software and hardware building blocks, thereby providing our clients with more opportunities to benefit from fundamental improvements in data-infrastructure technologies.

Connect with GraphStream
We are ready to provide a competitive proposal for your next data-infrastructure project. We welcome you to contact us at 650-595-5324 or info@graphstream.com, to discuss what GraphStream can do for your organization.